My vision for Cameroon

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This book is rich in suggestive ideas, some of wich are even ideas of reforms which should be taken into account for their implementation.

            The reader finds some of them selected below, organised and presented under the heading of the chapters in which they have been developed and proven.



« Cameroon as an idea, Ethnic groups and the nation »

Proposal 3 : The Special Status of the North-West and the South-West Regions

« The Demarcation of Regional Boundries should have taken into account the four identified cultural Spheres of Cameroon, namely th Sudano-Sahelian, Sawa, Grassfield and Fang-Beti. It wuold have been a genuinely internal, rather than external, sovereign and free manner of solving a multicultural problem, instead of hanging on the legacies imported from colonial domination »

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